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"Where smart Medicine and Exoctic travel come together"

About Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

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The practice of comfortably traveling abroad to have your medical procedure performed by highly qualified surgeons at some of the most advanced medical centers in the world…at a small fraction of the cost of care in the USA.

Incredible Savings

Why do people want to travel half way around the world to undergo medical procedures? The answer is simple. Affordable healthcare. Not to mention a little bit of leisure and peaceful recuperation in complete anonymity.

Quality of Care

medical tourism hospital

Don't think that low prices equal low quality. Quite the contrary. Many of the most advanced medical travel facilities in the world exist outside of the United States, with specific programs carefully designed to attract international travelers such as your self. In fact, these hospitals have spent the last decade preparing for the explosive growth of health tourism, specifically adhering to the same high standards that we in the United States have come to trust.

U.S. Program Managers

We'll guide you, step-by-step, through the entire process. Within a short period of time, you'll receive very valuable assistance from our U.S. Program Managers to help facilitate the planning of  your medical retreat.

Destination Program Managers

Once you have arrived in your destination, you are greeted at the airport by your Destination Program Manager (bilingual host) who understands American culture and wants to make certain that you are comfortable. Not long after your arrival and discovery of the finest accommodations you may have ever experienced, you are escorted to a world class medical facility, where you meet English-speaking, western-educated professionals who provide an initial examination and answer questions.

Then, according to your medical retreat itinerary, you'll return at a predetermined date to receive your medical procedure. Afterwards, recuperate in peace and quiet and return home spending less money on your entire trip than you would have in the United States for the procedure alone. 

Is Medical Tourism For You?

…a look into the system of healthcare abroad

Medical tourism is a fascinating concept, gaining quick recognition in the United States. Although the practice of traveling abroad to receive medical procedures is decades old in Europe, and has been practiced for hundreds of years in Asia, it is still quite new to Americans. So, in an effort to help explain the benefits and pitfalls of this relatively new industry, please allow me to share some of my first hand experiences with you, a potential medical tourist.

There are four basic groups of North Americans who are most interested in medical tourism and the cost savings it provides:

  • 45 Million Uninsured Americans
  • 250 Million Insured Americans with restricted coverage due to pre-existing conditions, resulting in out-of-pocket expenses
  • 32 Million Canadians receiving socialized medicine and enduring long wait lists for many popular surgeries
  • Potentially, 332 Million North Americans seeking elective cosmetic and/or dental surgery

As you can see, the market potential is huge, but, unless a well organized, comprehensive, individualized program facilitating the healthcare needs and travel desires of North American consumers has been structured, medical tourism will only remain a vision and not a reality.

Quality and Safety of Healthcare Abroad

There is much to consider before experiencing a successful medical retreat. One of the first issues to investigate would be the quality and safety of healthcare abroad. You can perform a quick search on the internet and find a host of foreign hospitals, doctors, even government organizations marketing directly the worldwide consumer with hopes of attracting them to their country. CONSUMER BEWARE! Marketing rhetoric and posh photos can be very deceiving. I can personally vouch for this type of misperception. In my travels to 11 destinations within 7 countries around the world, I have seen these misrepresentations more often than not. This presents a very interesting question; how do you know who is telling the truth and who is fabricating information? The truth is, you don't until you have either experienced it first hand or know of a trusting source that has had the experience.

In reality, it's impossible for most people to know first hand, because they haven't traveled to a foreign country to inspect the quality of healthcare. So, what's the next step? Find someone you can trust who has had the experience and is willing provide an objective point of view. Good luck in your search! This may not be an easy task to accomplish. Hence the need for a bona fide, professional, medical tourism service agency in the U.S. to help consumers make these difficult choices. By utilizing the knowledge and expertise of an unbiased medical tourism specialist, you will better guarantee your safety and comfort while traveling abroad for your surgery.

To date, we are the only American owned company that offers a complete and thorough service to guide patients through the intricacies of this complex course of action. MedRetreat has inspected and verified the efficacy of their hospital affiliates. Most healthcare providers in the network are either JCI accredited, or, are in the process of accreditation. And, many of the doctors are board certified by the U.S, U.K. or Australia.

Our personal advice - don't go through the process alone. Utilize the experience of a company like MedRetreat who has performed their due-diligence on your behalf. It's like trying to bake a cake for the very first time. Without the help of an experienced baker, like good old grandma, you're sure to make some mistakes. Traveling abroad for surgery, without the necessary knowledge, is much too important to take the chance of making any mistakes.

Cost Savings

Once you feel comfortable about the quality of healthcare overseas, then it's time to research another important factor in considering medical tourism as an option for your surgical procedure…the cost savings. Due to two main factors, the cost is as low as 1/10th of the price in the U.S. Here are two main reasons as sited by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger:

1. "Many workers in the health care industry are basically getting paid to shuffle paper around. The health insurance companies are paid to deny health claims and the government workers at Medicare and Medicaid offices are paid to find new ways to deny payments to doctors and hospitals for services rendered. Thus, doctors' offices and hospitals have to employ entire armies of people to sit around and reclassify procedures in ways that can get paid by insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. It's a massive waste of time, money and effort."
"As a medical tourist in another country, you eliminate these paperwork shufflers. And right there, you can save as much as 80% right off the bat. Because now, your dollars are actually going to the surgeons, anesthesiologists and other hospital workers who are attending to you during your surgical procedure. Whereas in the United States, your money is going to the insurance company and then the insurance company money is being used to pay paper shufflers."

2. "Another reason these surgical procedures are so much more affordable in Asia or other regions of the world is because of the liability issue. In the United States, doctors and hospitals must carry extremely expensive medical malpractice insurance policies. And patients seem to love to sue in the United States. In contrast, when you undergo a surgical procedure as a medical tourist in an offshore hospital, you sign paperwork that says you agree not to sue under certain conditions. Thus, you save a fortune by essentially not funding the legal fees, settlements and malpractice insurance costs normally found in a U.S.-based healthcare practice."

Mr. Adams goes on to say; "when you combine these two savings - the paperwork shuffling reduction and the medical malpractice lawsuits - you get an incredible deal for your dollar."

The Medical Tourism Experience

Now that we've covered the two most important aspects of medical tourism, quality and price, let's briefly touch upon on the experience of traveling abroad.

Although choosing your destination is not the most important feature of your medical care objective, you should ultimately be pleased with your selection. After all, you'll be spending anywhere between 2-4 weeks overseas and should be able to enjoy your recuperation process. There are many alternatives, but, you should definitely choose a destination that specializes in your required procedure. Of the many locations available, I've found that Malaysia, Thailand and Brazil are the most popular. Make sure your service agent representative educates you about the country and culture before you go. This will prove to be a valuable investment of your time. Education is the key to a successful medical tour.

Researching and planning your recuperation period can be an exciting and adventurous process. It helps to relieve your thoughts about your surgical procedure and focus on the enjoyment segment of your medical retreat. Please be advised, depending on your surgery, you may not be able to enjoy certain activities, so, my best advice would be to look into physically inactive forms of enjoyment.

Destination Program Management

With the exception of Penang, Malaysia, which is an English speaking destination, and very easy to navigate on your own, all other destinations should offer the assistance of a Destination Program Manager (DPM) to help navigate the terrain and explain the nuances of the culture. A DPM will be your friend away from home. They will take care of all your personal needs while visiting. Remember, you will be recuperating from surgery and in most cases, not in the best physical and emotional condition to take care of the necessary details of a new environment. Here are some of the services a DPM will offer to guaranty your comfort and enjoyment:

  • Meet and greet arriving customer at the airport
  • Private transportation to the hotel
  • Pre-arrange hotel check-in
  • Private transportation to-and-from doctor consultation
  • Private transportation to-and-from medical procedure
  • Interpretation assistance at hospital or clinic if needed
  • Provide communication assistance, such as cell phone or 24 hour contact number
  • Check on recuperating patient daily once procedure is performed
  • Provide emotional support if necessary during visit
  • Assist with local tour and excursion arrangements
  • Provide information about local dining, shopping, and pampering facilities
  • Provide information about local culture and customs of destination
  • Assure that customer is comfortable and content at all times
  • Deliver customer to airport for departure
  • Assist customer with baggage check-in upon departure
  • Arrange for Airport medical assistance upon departure if necessary

So much to do…so little time

Because a successful medical retreat requires between 35-40 hours of planning, all facets of medical tourism cannot be discussed in one article such as this.

There is much to learn. The question is; how much is your time worth? Don't waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. It would be very time consuming and cumbersome to piece together all the available information about medical tourism on the internet. It can also be very confusing and overwhelming.

There are companies perfectly capable of helping you through the process. And, some will not even charge you for their services. They receive compensation from their overseas partners for their role in the process. In fact, in many cases, you will spend less by using a professional medical tourism service agency. If you find the right organization, they will have negotiated more favorable pricing on your behalf and pass along some of the savings to you. So, in essence, you will not be able to receive a better price - even by going direct to the hospital yourself. The choice is yours. Choose well.

So, the question remains; is medical tourism for you?


What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is simply the process of traveling abroad to a specific destination to obtain certain medical procedures. Medical tourism is certainly not a new concept. Canadians and Europeans have been traveling outside their regions for years to obtain medical procedures due the long waiting periods associated with socialized medicine. The global elite have been traveling to the US for years as well to our world renowned hospitals, such as Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and MD Anderson. Now US citizens have an excellent opportunity to seek top quality procedures outside the US, where they can recover in anonymity and luxury at more affordable rates.

Who are medical tourists?

Medical tourists are generally residents of the industrialized nations of the world and primarily originate from The United States, Canada, Great Britain, Western Europe, Australia, and The Middle East. But more and more, people from many other countries of the world are seeking out places where they can obtain their medical care at an affordable cost.

What kind of healthcare do medical tourists obtain?

A myriad of options exist for medical tourists - from purely elective procedures such as face lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, dental crowns, and LASIK, to more serious procedures such as joint replacements, spinal disc replacements, hysterectomies, and cardiac bypass surgery - medical tourists can now obtain many types of medical or surgical procedure abroad in a safe and effective manner for a fraction of the cost that they would face in their home countries.

What services are included?

There are a host of services incorporated in our medical travel program. We will walk you through the entire process. You need not be aware of anything about the medical tourism process other than your wish to receive a medical procedure.

Why should I consider medical or surgical procedures outside the US?

The cost of the medical procedures in the countries that we participate is generally 50 to 80 percent less expensive than the same procedures in the US. This cost differential enables you the opportunity to have a vacation in an exotic country, recover in a 4 to 5 star resort in complete anonymity, and then return home having spent less than the procedure alone in the US.

What happens if something goes wrong?

A legitimate concern that most people have when considering medical care abroad is legal recourse in the event that something goes wrong. To date no formal legal framework has been established to protect international patents while receiving medical care outside the U.S. If this is an overriding concern to you, then you should perhaps consider remaining in the U.S. for your medical procedure. In the unlikely event that some medical malpractice error does occur, it would be very unrealistic to expect any financial recourse in a foreign jurisdiction.

However, it is important to understand that international patients still have tremendous leverage in insuring the best possible outcomes. This leverage is the international brand image of any hospital seeking to attract foreign patients. They fully understand that one mistake with an international patient could potentially end up on CNN Headline news the next day. Such negative publicity would certainly be a detrimental blow to their international patient flow for some time. Since these hospitals have invested vast resources in cultivating their global brand image, they have a huge incentive to insure that you are safe and satisfied during every phase of your medical retreat. Of course there are still no guarantees when undergoing surgery, but that goes for your local hospital down the street from you as well.

Is cost the most important factor that I should consider?

Absolutely not, however, cost is always an important factor to consider when seeking medical care. If you work with MedRetreat, we will assist you in finding the facilities and doctors that will be much less expensive than in the US. However, we do not encourage you to travel abroad for surgery because it is cheaper. Surgery is a risky procedure, regardless where it is performed and should be taken very seriously and discussed with your family and other professionals. If you are serious about a surgery abroad, we can inform you about where you will find the best hospitals and doctors to perform your surgical procedure and save money.

What is the typical cost difference of medical procedures abroad?

The difference in price depends upon the medical procedure you choose. In reviewing the cost of many procedures in the US, versus the same ones performed in our selected destinations, costs are typically 50-80% lower abroad. The greatest cost savings is typically found in cardiac procedures (75-90% lower fees outside of the United States). If you have received quotes in the US for $10,000, you can expect the same procedure to cost between $2,000 and $5,000. This significant cost reduction enables you purchase a round trip air ticket, recover in a 5 star resort, buy a new wardrobe, and return home saving money.

Why is medical care so much cheaper in certain countries?

Although many countries have imitated our world-renowned health care system in terms of quality and technology, they have not adopted our legal system completely. Doctors in the US are required to pay medical malpractice insurance that usually cost over $100,000 annually. Foreign doctors are required to pay medical malpractice insurance as well, but their costs are as low as $4000 annually. In addition to this insurance, certain economies are at different stages of development than the US. This absolutely does not mean that their healthcare technologies and institutions are behind the US. In fact, most of the private hospitals in our network use exactly the same equipment and instruments as the most advanced hospitals in the US.

Here are some other reasons why the costs are less overseas:

  • Lower cost of labor
  • Lower real estate values
  • Lower construction costs (to build hospitals)
  • Favorable exchange rates
  • Lower government taxes
  • No accounts receivable collections issues with medical tourism patients (cash/credit card payment before release from hospital)
  • No emergency room bad debt
  • Less administrative paper shuffling
  • Less bureaucracy/red tape
  • Cheaper medical supplies/equipment/medications

How can I trust the quality of the foreign doctors?

To begin with, one of our key service offerings to you is to provide all the information to you about the doctors in order for you to make the most educated decision possible. We will provide you with resumes and facilitate phone conversations or even video conferences. If you are still not comfortable, we will work to provide you with the information about the doctors that is important to you.

Additionally, many of the doctors in our network were educated in the US. Some have even practiced in the US for years and remain Board Certified in the US.

How can I correspond with a doctor in a foreign country?

As part of our health tourism service, we will help facilitate the initial consultation between you and the doctor. Additional correspondence before traveling can be conducted via phone, email, and/or video-conference, if desired. For cosmetic surgery, the doctors will want to see images of the designated regions for surgery. These images can easily be sent via email though the use of a privacy number that will be assigned to you to protect your anonymity..

Are the hospitals safe?

We will do all that we can to insure that you are comfortable with the hospitals that you review. A large part of our value to you is that we have visited these facilities personally and can attest to their standards of hygiene, modernity and use of technology. We will also be your advocates to assist in obtaining necessary statistics for your chosen facility. Additionally, even though the hospitals in our network have accreditation from their government and non-government entities, we will continue to work with the executive management teams of the foreign hospitals in our network to seek accreditation from the Joint Commission International.

Why have you selected Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, Malaysia, Mexicao, Thailand, Turkey and South Africa as your medical tourism destinations?

That is an excellent question since there are many countries around the world that provide medical care at a fraction of the cost in the US. In the future we may possibly add new destination packages to our network. However, in selecting these destinations, we took several important factors into consideration. First and foremost, we selected countries with the most established, most experience and highest quality in the global medical tourism sector. Next we selected countries that are investing immense resources into building up their medical tourism infrastructure. This means that in addition to their healthcare facilities and technology, they also have built advanced transportation and communications systems. Then we reviewed their healthcare standards, professionalism and quality of their doctors. For more information about these countries, please contact us.

Can you select or advise which doctors and/or hospitals to visit?

Our sole purpose is to provide you with the necessary tools and information to make an informed and educated choice about medical tourism options. We absolutely will not encourage, advise, advocate or underwrite any of the doctors or healthcare facilities in our network. The choice is completely up to you. We will facilitate your research and provide answers to multitude of questions that you may have.

What if I don't find the procedure that I am interest in on you website?

If you are interested in or require a certain procedure that is not listed on our website, please contact us so that we may assist you in your search. Our network covers a wide spectrum of medical procedures, from the least invasive procedures to the most advanced procedures.

What if my family doctor advises against a medical procedure abroad?

Such advice is certainly to be expected. Rest assured that the US is not the only country that has rigorous healthcare standards and strong patient rights. If fact, you may be surprised to learn that your local hospital has lost accreditation due to poor quality standards. Many hospitals throughout the world are accredited by the JCAHO or Joint Commission International, a US based hospital accreditation organization. Check to see if your hospital is accredited by the JCAHO.

How can it be safe to travel so far after a surgical procedure?

Your travel plans will be entirely dictated by the surgical procedure you select. Once you select a procedure and destination, we inform you about the recommended recuperation time required before return travel.

How do I know MedRetreat is a legitimate, ethical company?

MedRetreat has been in existence sinceJuly of 2003 and has had an international presence since January of 2004. We are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB.) The BBB only accepts members that are registered as a U.S. company.

Why should I work with a medical tourism service agency?

You don't have to work with a medical tourism service agency. You can contact an overseas hospital directly, schedule your appointments, and book all your arrangements on your own. Many people have done this. However, if you work with a reputable service agency, they have taken care of all the guesswork for you. They have personally inspected all of their affiliate hospitals, met the doctors, and have established strong relationships with their affiliates. They will have a direct connection to all the administrators of your hospital. Equally important, they will have many past clients that have had your procedure, whom they can refer you to speak about their experience with the destination, the doctor, the hospital, and even the hotel. Pages could be written about the value of working with a service agency, versus attempting to manage the process on your own.

Can I speak with a past client about their experience?

Absolutely. Once you decide to move forward with MedRetreat, we will be happy refer you to past clients that have had the procedure that you are seeking. In return, we will appreciate your referrals once you return from your medical retreat. This being said, we totally respect the privacy of all our clients and will only assign referrals to those that give permission to do so.

How long will I have to remain in the destination after my procedure?

It depends on your selected procedure. In most cases the required length of stay in your destination will be between 2 and 3 weeks. Your surgeon will advise you on the length of stay in the hospital and destination in your initial pre-travel quotation.

What if I need to make changes to my itinerary when I am already abroad?

No problem. If you need to make any changes to your medical retreat itinerary, your Program Manager will take care of all the work for you. They will revise your flight itinerary, as well as your hotel stay. They will even contact family and friends back in the USA to inform them of your changes.

What are your hours of operations?

Our Program Managers are available 24/7 to serve you. They sleep with their cell phones so that they are in constant contact with you. You will never have to worry about being abroad and not being able to contact us for assistance.

How can I contact MedRetreat while am I abroad?

Prior to you departure from the US, you will be given 4 contact numbers. These contacts include your US Program Manager, Destination Program Manager, the Director of Facilitation, and the Managing Director of MedRetreat. In most destinations, you will receive a cell phone to use through the duration of your medical retreat. This cell phone is programmed with all the pertinent phone numbers that you will need.

What happens if I arrive at my destination and I decide not to proceed with my procedure?

At MedRetreat, we offer a Guarantee, which stipulates that if you decide to not go through with your procedure after meeting your doctor and touring the hospital, you will be refunded 100% of your initial deposit. For more information, please see our Guarantee.

If I bring a relative or friend, will there be an additional charge?

We encourage our clients to bring a companion along with them. They can stay in the same hotel room at no additional charge. In fact, many of our hotel affiliates offer large buffet breakfast for two. The only extra expense that your companion will incur will be the cost of the flight, meals, and other travel essentials.

Can I make my own flight arrangements?

Yes. You can make your own flight arrangements. However, we strongly encourage our clients to use our affiliate travel partner so that in the event you need to make any changes to your medical retreat flight itinerary, we easily work with our travel partner to make those changes on your behalf. Although you may find a cheaper flight over the internet, making changes could be very difficult.

Can I use my frequent flyer miles for my flight?

Yes, many of our clients have used their frequent flyer mileage for additional savings. Once you begin working with our travel partner, they will assist you in finding flights that will accept your frequent flyer miles.

Can I book my own hotel stay?

Yes. You can arrange your own hotel stay. However, we strongly recommend that you stay in one of our affiliate hotels. The simple reason is our concern for your safety. We have personally selected our affiliate hotels based upon their proximity to the hospitals, reputation for customer service, safety, amenities, and convenience. If you're not familiar with the destination, you could select a hotel that is less expensive than our affiliate partners, but may be in an unsafe area or have poor customer service.

Medical Tourism Process

We've developed a comprehensive program to best guarantee a safe and pleasurable Medical Retreat. Please take the time to review this important information.

We realize you have a choice in which medical tourism company you use. So, we'd like to show you the value of our services, up-front, to help you understand the importance of working with a company that utilizes a safe, proven, detailed process when traveling abroad for medical care.

After investing over 15,000 hours of research and development in shaping the medical tourism industry, we would like to share our conclusions with you. No need for you to have to research on your own. However, we need your commitment and cooperation to be successful in this endeavor. We've developed the model, you can simply follow our lead.

The following information has been assembled to give you a brief overview of our medical travel process. Based on our many years of experience, since July of 2003, we have developed a very comprehensive process that requires your understanding and cooperation. This process normally takes between 30-45 days before your are able to depart your home town, so, we must work diligently to accomplish all the necessary tasks before you begin your travels.

If we receive your full cooperation, without continual changes, the process will flow very smoothly. By following the guidelines of our health tourism model, you will have increased the chances of a very safe and pleasurable medical retreat. We look forward to working with you in an effort to providing you with the very best medical tourism services available in the world.

Medical Tourism Program Outline

Complete the Online Membership Application Form

Please complete the online membership application form (Step 3 on the homepage.) Feel free to call us, toll free, at 1-877-876-3373 option 1, for assistance. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive unlimited support of our services. We'll begin to work for you to answer all your questions and address your concerns. You'll receive a wealth of pertinent information that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not medical tourism is for you. And, if you do decide to move forward, we'll help you every step of the way.

Discussion with our Director of Facilitation

1) In your initial consultation, we'll request some basic medical information relating to your case. 
2) Then, once we've received your files, our second consultation will cover the following points: 

  • Your physical needs and potential limitations
  • Your emotional needs and mental attitude
  • Your concerns
  • Your expectations
  • Your budget
  • Your time frame
  • And, perhaps, your next steps moving forward 

By discussing these points, we can determine if medical tourism is right for you, and if so, together we can find the best overall value based on your needs.

Your Decision to Move Forward

Once you have made the decision to become a Gold Club Member and move forward, you will be assigned to a personal U.S. Program Manager (USPM) who will guide you through the entire process.

Review your medical procedure requirements

Your USPM will have an extensive conversation with you to understand your medical needs. Then he/she can begin the process of designing the available treatment options for your specific needs. It is very important that you identify exactly what you are seeking at this time. Changes to your desired treatment plan could potentially complicate matters. We must do our best to identify your exact needs and move forward accordingly.

Authorization Release Form

Your USPM will send you a link to a form which will give us your consent to collect and disseminate your personal information. Just click on the link, complete the info and SUBMIT. The form will be returned to us through our server. We will send a copy to your chosen hospital for their records.

Provide transcripts, MRI, x-rays, photos, etc.

For many medical procedures, the doctor will need to see your transcripts, MRI's, x-rays, photos, etc. In order to better facilitate this process, we will need to receive digital copies of these documents. We'll send you a link to submit these files. If you do not have this information in digital format, don't worry, we have a solution for you. We have partnered with a US digital imaging company that can duplicate and digitize your records so that we can easily transfer them to your overseas physician. To ensure your total privacy, this process is absolutely secure and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Medical Questionnaire Submission

You will complete a medical questionnaire to best inform your surgeon of your medical history. This will advise your physician of any potential risks or conditions that may be necessary to know in conjunction with your procedures(s).

Expectations Form Submission and Potential Travel Dates

Your USPM will send you a link that asks for your expectations of the end result in receiving your procedure(s). Please provide this information so that the surgeon can determine if the end result can be achieved. We want to make certain that your expectations are in line with what can be achieved. Also, at the bottom of the form will be a request for possible travel dates. Please list two options for travel dates, then click SUBMIT.

Choosing a Hotel

You will receive an email that provides information about choosing a hotel while overseas. We ask for this information very early in the process so we can include the costs in your quotation. Once reviewed, please make a decision and email or call with your choice. Please consider your options thoroughly. We do not want to make changes further along in the process which could result in confusion.

Passport/Visa Acquisition

If you do not already possess a Passport or Visa (Visa - India, Turkey, Brazil and Argentina only) your USPM will assist you in acquiring these documents.

Receive a price quotation for the procedure(s) and accommodations

During this process, you will receive a price quotation for the procedure(s) and accommodations. Also, you'll be provided with a host of information about the procedure(s), hospital, doctors, etc.

Review the price quotation and discuss potential dates to travel

At this point, we will discuss your procedure(s) and accommodations. Also, we'll talk about the dates you wish to plan your medical retreat. Again, please think about this very carefully. Once we choose the dates, we will check with our hospital affiliate to see if these dates are available. If the pricing is acceptable to you, we can then move on to the next steps in planning your medical retreat.

Facilitate questions you may have for your chosen surgeon

In this segment of the process, you will be allowed to pose questions or concerns you have for your chosen surgeon. We will coordinate the communication process via email in this stage. You may have an opportunity to speak directly with your surgeon further along in the process, should you so choose. And, we will pay for the teleconference. These calls are generally made in the late evening or early morning hours because of the time zone difference. Please note: Depending on the surgeon's hours of operation, this may be difficult to schedule. So, emails are always the best mode of communication.

These next three tasks must occur simultaneously

Task 1) Tentatively Book Your Procedure(s) 
We will request your preferred doctor's consultation and surgery date(s). Once we receive notice that these dates are available, we can move to tentatively book your air travel and hotel accommodations. 

Task 2) Tentatively Book your Air Travel 
You will be directed to speak with our travel specialists to develop an air travel itinerary that best suits your needs. We ask that you contact them directly to communicate your specific needs. You will be directed via email as to the particulars. They will then send you and MedRetreat a proposed itinerary. You will have a short period to review this information before having to book the tickets (typically within 7 days.) 

Task 3) Tentatively Book your Hotel Room 
We will tentatively book your hotel room. You will need to provide your credit card information at this time. Your card will not be charged in advance, but, only used as a method of reserving your room. Once you arrive at the hotel, you can either choose to use the same card, or another card to settle your bill upon check-out. 

Book Your Air Travel Tickets

Once we have tentatively booked the above tasks, you will then be instructed to book your air travel tickets.

Deposit funds into MedRetreat's U.S. holding account

To help you feel more comfortable about the safety of your money, we have an agreement with our partners abroad to allow you to forward a 20% deposit into our U.S. bank account instead of transferring your money overseas. Unlike other foreign medical tourism providers, who make you pay up to 100% of the cost up front, we will only ask for a small portion of the costs to secure your booking. This way, if for any reason you decide not to move forward with your procedure, you will only pay for the services you've used (airfare & hotel) and receive a refund from us.

Confirm Task 1 & 2

Once we receive your deposit, we will confirm your doctor's appointment and hotel room reservations.

Itinerary to confirm procedure(s), flight, hospital, doctor and hotel

We will confirm all your reservations and submit an itinerary for your review. Please check this document carefully to understand the time line of your trip. We will also send you information very specific to your travel destination so you can be prepared to make the most of your travel experience.

Introduction to your Destination Program Manager (DPM)

When you select a destination for your medical treatment, you will be offered the services of a Destination Program Manager (DPM), the person that will greet you upon your arrival at your chosen destination, and, be your personal assistant throughout your stay. In some countries, a DPM is not necessary due to an American type culture.

Pre-travel information

Before traveling, we will provide you with a host of information about the destination you'll be traveling to. You'll also receive many emails about how to properly plan and execute your trip. Please note. You will receive at least 20 emails during this process. Please plan to allow enough time to review them and act upon their instructions (approximately 3 week process - can be accelerated with client's consent.)

Departure from your local airport

Say goodbye to your family and friends as you board your plane to begin your MedRetreat. Be sure to arrive at least 2 hours prior to your departure time.

Arrival in destination and greeted by your Destination Program Manager (DPM) or Designated Driver

If you've opted for a DPM, he/she will be your personal assistant throughout your stay. He/she is fluent in English and will be there for you every step of the way. This person will accompany you to all your doctor's appointments and medical treatments. In some cases, you will be given a cell phone upon your arrival so that you can contact your DPM at any time. It is important for you to know that we have carefully selected the DPM's from every country. These DPM's are professionals with extensive experience in the medical tourism business. We have traveled to all the destinations that we offer and met with our DPM's personally, as we understand that our reputation is in their hands.

If you have not elected to use the services of a DPM, you will be greeted at the airport by a professional driver from either the hospital, hotel, or private car and taken to the hospital or your hotel. 

Pre-Surgery consultation with medical team

Within 24 hours of your arrival, you will visit your physician's office for the pre-surgery consultation. Here, the doctor will review your medical transcripts and conduct additional tests to ensure that you are ready for your procedure.

Surgical procedure

Your procedure will be performed by the best available surgeon, at a world-class medical facility, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Post treatment recuperation

When the doctor is satisfied with your condition, you will be released from the hospital and driven back to your hotel to begin the recuperation process. During this time your main focus will be on recuperation. If you have not hired a DPM, please feel free to request any assistance from your hospital or hotel staff.

Post treatment enjoyment

After recuperating, and the surgeon is satisfied with your progress, you will be given authorization to enjoy some of the interesting attractions your destination offers. You can make arrangements with either your DPM, hotel concierge, or, through one of the local travel excursion companies in your chosen destination.


  • Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty)
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)
  • Buttocks Augmentation
  • Buttocks Lift
  • Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing - May require mulitple sessions)
  • Chin Surgery (Mentoplasty)
  • Dermabrasion (Skin Refinishing - May require multiple sessions)
  • Ear Surgery (Pinnaplasty)
  • Eyelids (Blepharoplasty)
  • Face / Neck Lift (Rhytidectomy)
  • Facial Implants (Chin, Cheek & Jaw Surgery)
  • Facial Line Filling
  • Forehead / Brow Lift
  • Injectable Fillers (Improving Skin Texture)
  • Liposuction (Lipoplasty)
  • Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)
  • Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
  • Spider Veins (Sclerotherapy)
  • Thigh Lift
  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
  • Upper Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Gold Club Member - List of Services

  • U.S. Program Manager Assistance – Unlimited consultation with a qualified personal manager to help you acquire all the knowledge necessary to experience a successful medical retreat. Many of our Program Managers have visited the destinations we offer service to and can be a valuable source of information. It's best to discover all the nuances of your destination before you arrive. There is no substitute for preparedness.
  • Destination Program Manager Services - Your Personal Assistant will be your friend away from home to take care of all your transportation needs and personal desires. Their services are well worth the price. It's best to avoid miscommunication between our respective cultures to better ensure your safety.
  • Unlimited MedRetreat Website Access - Explore the wealth of information on our website. We will also help to guide your through all the specific areas of interest.
  • Comprehensive Quotation – Receive a thorough quotation Including pricing, hospital information, doctor's bio, doctor's recommendations and hotel accommodations.
  • Detailed Itinerary – Time line of all aspects of the Medical Retreat.
  • Air Travel Arrangements – Contract discounted pricing available to MedRetreat clients.
  • Travel Insurance Opportunities - Alleviate any travel concerns by Insuring your trip against potential setbacks.
  • Hotel Accommodation Reservations - 5 Star Hotel access in every destination. We've experienced these hotels first hand and can attest to their claims of quality and cleanliness. Beware of internet advertised hotels other than those we recommend. We've visited many of the competing hotels surrounding our affiliates. They look great in photos but leave much to be desired in person.
  • Procedure Treatment Information - To help you research your health tourism alternatives, please review your procedure options via these helpful links. Although many of our clients are well informed of their condition, there is always something more to learn. Please take the time to research your ailment and procedure options.
  • Hospital/Doctor Bios - Specific information about the hospitals and doctors are an important aspect to choosing the right facility to perform your procedure. This information will allow you to make an informed decision about selecting where your surgery will be performed and by whom.
  • Doctor Consultation - On site consultation before your surgery. Also, before you leave home, the doctor will be happy answer specific questions about your condition. MedRetreat will facilitate the exchange of information.
  • Medical Question - Complete medical questionnaire form will be forwarded to you for specific information about your nnaire
  • Facilitation to Hospital medical history. This form will be forwarded to your surgeon and will help to determine your qualifications for the procedure you seek.
  • Procedure Scheduling - Detailed schedule of surgical events and follow-up services.
  • Pre-Surgery Consultation in Destination - Before you commit to your surgery, you will have the opportunity to meet with your doctor to confirm your decision to move forward. This will also serve as a discovery process for the doctor to make any further recommendations based on your physical condition that was not identified in your medical questionnaire or transcripts.
  • Post Treatment Recuperation Plans - We will discuss your plans to either relax and recuperate,or, to enjoy the interesting attractions your destination offers. This will be contingent upon the type of operation you will be experiencing and your personal recovery progress.
  • Post-Op Products Online Store - A host of products are available through our affiliates online store at a cost savings.
  • Traveler Vaccination Information - Although you are not required to have vaccinations before traveling abroad, we recommend visiting the CDC's website for information about the risks of traveling without proper vaccinations. We strongly suggest your consideration of proper vaccinations, not only for traveling abroad, but also to avoid disease while living in the U.S. as well.
  • Passport/Visa Assistance - We will help you obtain the necessary travel documents for access into your desired destination country.
  • Transcript Digital Duplication Service - To most effectively receive a firm price quotation abroad, we will need to send your transcripts to your selected hospital. In lieu of submitting your originals, we have an affiliate partner in California that will digitally copy your information to be forwarded overseas without compromising your originals.
  • Financing Opportunities - If you cannot afford your medical procedure at this time, our affiliate will help to locate a finance company to provide the required money necessary for your medical retreat. In many cases, you can receive one year interest free terms if you are a good credit risk.
  • U.S. Bank Holding Account - If you did not book your procedure through MedRetreat, you would be required to send the total amount of your procedure costs, in advance, to the hospital overseas. To help alleviate your concerns of fraud, we will allow you to deposit a small portion of your fees into our U.S. bank account for transfer to your overseas medical facility only after you have had your doctor's consultation and have decided to move forward. You will pay the balance due to the hospital by credit card once your surgery has been completed. In the unlikely event that you decide not to receive treatment, your money will be immediately refunded to you by MedRetreat, an American company. No worries about collecting from an unknown, overseas business.
  • Travel Tips - A helpful resource of information about planning your trip.
  • Suggesting Reading Material - We'll provide you with recommendations of books to read and audio tapes to listen to during your retreat. This information will prove to be fruitful to your psychological well-being during recovery.
  • International Calling Card Outlet - Access to calling cards at reduced phone rates to keep in touch with your family and friends while away from home.
  • Cell Phone Arrangements - International cell phones and SIM cards to keep you in communication with your family, friends and overseas contacts.
  • A/C Power Converter Resources - Many of our destinations do not provide access to 110 volt electricity. You'll need to bring along a power converter and/or adapter to use your U.S. appliances. We provide the information to purchase these accessories.
  • Currency Converter Tool - It's important for you to understand the monetary conversion rates of currency in your chosen destination. This tool will prove to be useful in your travels.
  • Measurement Conversion Calculator - Many countries utilize the metric system for weights and measures. This tool will help you to compare our measurement system with those of other countries.
  • World Time Information - Use this link to receive information about the time difference between your region in the U.S. and your chosen destination country.

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