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Mesotherapy and LipoDissolve Ultra Treatments in Kosmedix

Kosmedix uses his specially developed [patent pending] pre and post ultrasound massage technique when performing  LipoDissolve Ultra, the only clinic in Minnesota to provide this ultra 5-star level of service for patients. 

As we journey through life, we sometimes collect more calories than we plan to, which results in unwanted adipose (fat) tissue. Mesotherapy/ LipoDissolve Ultra is a non-surgical treatment to help dissolve unwanted areas of fat tissue ... similar to liposuction but without the surgery and downtime.

Mesotherapy LipoDissolve Ultra 
LipoDissolve Ultra can effectively treat areas such as the flanks (love handles), the lower tummy "pouch" just below the belly button, upper hips, and upper outer thighs (saddle bags), upper arms, double chins and jowls.
Mesotherapy LipoDissolve Ultra 
Pre-treating the area with an ultra-sound massage increases the fat cells' receptivity to the LipoDissolve Ultra treatment solution.
Mesotherapy LipoDissolve Ultra 
When micro injections of the mesotherapy-LipoDissolve Ultra solution is administered into the targeted area, the solution is quickly absorbed into the fat cells.
Mesotherapy LipoDissolve Ultra 
Immediately after treatment, the target areas are once again treated with ultrasonic massage for increased comfort, to aid in even distribution of solution and to minimize post treatment edema.
Mesotherapy LipoDissolve Ultra 
Within the target areas, the treatment causes fat cells to dissolve.
Mesotherapy LipoDissolve Ultra 
The dissolution products of the fat cells are removed in a natural manner, similar to the way blood is removed within a bruise. Inflammation of the overlying skin causes the skin to retract, tighten and become smooth. Fat cells that are dissolved by the process are permanently lost.

LipoDissolve Ultra is a type of Mesotherapy that is a highly effective, non-surgical technique to reduce or eliminate unwanted deposits of fat (adipose tissue) with little or no downtime.

Common Treatment Areas:

  • Tummy fat (especially the stubborn area between the belly-button and pubic hair)
  • "Back fat" or "bra fat", (the bulges the hang over and under the bra)
  • Saddle bags (upper outer thighs)
  • Love handles (flanks)
  • Upper-Inner thighs (that rub and chafe)
  • Double chin

Mesotherapy used as 'LipoDissolve Ultra therapy' to melt away unwanted areas of adipose(fat). LipoDissolve Ultra works like liposuction but without the surgery. 

In addition to smoothing out the "cottage cheese" dimpling of cellulite seen in the photos above, Mesotherapy (LipoDissolve Ultra) can also be used to sculpt and spot reduce unwanted areas of adipose (fat) without the problems associated with liposuction. It is commonly used to reduce and sculpt the flanks (love handles), the lower tummy "pouch" just below belly button, upper hips,and upper-outer thighs (saddle bags), double chins, and jowls. Individual results will vary.

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