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What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are the essential building blocks of nearly all forms of life, found in plants and animals. They are vital for the growth, repair and maintenance of our bodies.

What is special about Stem Cells?

Stem Cells all share the same 3 qualities:
1. They are "master" cells that have not yet been given a function within the body.

2. They can self-renew for long periods of time.
3. They are capable of becoming 'specialized' cells, which can be put to work in

specific areas of the body to regenerate and repair.

What are A.A.A. Stem Cells?

Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) Stem Cells are derived from your body's own fat cells, and are used in the development of therapies for your future well being. They have been proven in numerous clinical human trials to be the safest and most ethical form of stem cell therapy, when compared to other forms.

Hair Loss Statistics

While some hair loss may be a natural process of losing hair for renewal, excessive hair loss is a condition that for some is a traumatic and stressful experience. Loss of hair for many men can mean a loss of confidence and further hair loss. Early hair loss causes much distress for many men; and some women who are having hormonal changes. There are many causes of balding, such as: genetic disorders (androgenic alopecia), hair patch loss (alopecia areata), hormonal imbalances, stress, poor health or diet, medications, chemotherapy, etc. For men the major cause of hair loss is androgenic alopecia. While for women it is mostly caused by hormonal imbalances.

For Men 95% of all baldness is caused by androgenetic alopecia – that is genetic male pattern baldness. 25% of men begin balding by age 30. As many as 50% of men are affected by male pattern baldness by the age of 50. By the age of 60 as many as two-thirds of men are showing signs of balding.

For Women One in four women in America will suffer some degree of hair loss beginning around age 50.

Kosmedix hair growth is... Long-Lasting, Breakthough, and Comprehensive


Our new Long-Lasting Stem Cell Hair Regeneration treatment is the revolutionary solution to hair loss, taking your own stem cells and transforming them into new hair growth.


Our hair regeneration procedure uses the most advanced and effective techniques that are available today, using stem cells, which are quickly becoming a medical phenomenon.


We specialize in Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) Stem Cells, providing our customers with a complete and convenient service for regenerating hair growth and a suggested stem cell banking option.

The best long-lasting hair loss solution...

Fast, Safe & Convenient

We make the whole process simple for our customers. Both stages of the treatment are minimally invasive, and significantly more enjoyable than a hair transplant.

More Effective

Other treatments, such as topical preparations or oral medications, can take several months to have an effect. With stemcell you will see noticeable results within 2 weeks with brand new hairs growing, as the treatment works hand-in-hand with the body's own A.A.A. Stem Cells!


Unlike other treatments that require constant and continued use to sustain their effects, Stemcell  actually stimulates the growth of fresh, healthy and long-lasting hair, that won't fall out.

Kosmedix brings you...

Long-Lasting Stem Cell

Hair Regeneration

Uses Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) Stem Cells: taken from a small sample of your body's adipose tissue (fat stores), the stem cells are then separated out and grown into a 'culture' of sufficient volume for the treatment.

New hair creation: Our procedure stimulates the growth of brand new hair, by placing A.A.A. stem cells (derived only from your body), in pores under the surface of the scalp.

Only two appointments: the first appointment is for the retrieval of adipose tissue, the second is for the treatment; involving the application of the A.A.A. Stem cells. Optionally, these appointments can be combined into a full day procedure. 

The first step:

A.A.A. Stem Cell Retrieval (suggested)

(with optional cell banking)

A minimally invasive 45 minute collection of Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) Stem Cells will be done with local anesthetic. The body tissue which is removed, is purified, separated and cultured.


The second step:
Application of A.A.A. Stem Cells


Application of your stem cells under the scalp into hair pores to allow for the stem cells to create your new hair.

Information for Medical Professionals:

Why is Adipose Tissue Collected?

Although Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) Stem Cells and bone marrow stem cells are virtually identical and both possess the ability to become hair follicle cells, adipose tissue is collected because it contains a more plentiful source of stem cells than what is found in bone marrow. Adipose tissue retrieval also has the added advantage of only requiring a minimally invasive procedure, while the bone marrow matter retrieval necessitates multiple retrieval injections (known as bone marrow aspiration), due to a limited stem cell count content. This means adipose retrieval is more effective and safer. Another available option for collecting stem cells is by means of artificially stimulating an increase in the release of stem cells from bone marrow into the blood. Although this may be effective in increasing stem cells into the blood, it may tax older patients, it takes several weeks to extract stem cells and it costs significantly more. A.A.A. Stem Cell services are not only the most cost effective but also have the most convenient and comfortable extraction process.

How do A.A.A. Stem Cells Work?

Once the A.A.A. Stem Cells are retrieved, the stem cells are then isolated from the adipose tissue via a centrifugal process. Due to the abundant source of stem cells in adipose tissue, only minimal culturing is needed in order to produce sufficient amounts of stem cells. When these cells are placed under the surface of the scalp in pores, they will promote vascularization and new capillaries will form. This provides a suitable environment for the hair follicles to grow brand new dense, and healthy hair.

Kosmedix 3-step Stem Cell Service

The first step: (recommended)

A.A.A. Stem Cell Banking

Back Up Your Body at it's Best

We make the whole process simple for our customers, with a minimally invasive 45 minute collection of A.A.A. stem cells done with a local anaesthetic. This is followed by the storage of your stem cells in our state- of-the-art cryogenic banking facilities for your future use.

The second step: (optional)

DNA Report & Analysis

Understand Your DNA

Knowing what your DNA holds, enables you to prepare for and prevent health problems that may arise in the future.

The third step: (optional)

Customized A.A.A. Stem Cell Therapies

Regenerate Your Body

Regenerative and anti-ageing treatments hold the key to curing many individual diseases and giving those who are suffering from once incurable diseases, a new hope of improving their quality of living.

Experience life in better health...everyday

 Kosmedix Cell Banking & Therapies Solution

A.A.A. Stem Cell Banking (suggested for everyone):

Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) Stem Cells are retrieved, minimally processed and stored intact in cGTP Cryogenic Cell Banking facilities in locations around the world.

Personal DNA Analysis & Report (optional):

We thoroughly analyze your DNA and provide a detailed report, to determine any diseases you might be prone to, and the measures you can take to prevent them.

Customized Cell Therapy (suggested/recommended if required):

Our network of affiliated laboratories and clinics provide an increasing number of therapies and treatments to suit a variety of patient's needs, through the advanced culturing and processing of cells.

Give the Gift of Life! Help someone you care about prepare for their future by banking their cells or by having a cell therapy treatment.

Our cryogenic storage facilities are cGTP certified to guarantee the best preservation environment for

your cells. Please contact us  the most up to date current assessment of your patients particular condition.

Why bank your own cells early?

Over time, as we age, our cells either accumulate mutations or lose their ability to divide, depending on the types of cells in question. Banking your cells as young as possible will ensure you 'back-up' your body at its best. These relatively younger cells offer the potential for better regenerative experiences later in life.

Treatment Areas

Hair Regeneration


Cosmetic Surgery

Degenerative Heart Disease Liver Disease

Diabetes Type I & II

Spinal Injury Anti-Ageing Arthritis

and Breast Augmentation

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